2017 Budget (Approved)

The key targets of the Kaduna State 2017-2019 Budget:

  • Ensuring adequate provision for the completion in 2017 of projects and procurements initiated in 2016;
  • Ensuring the actualization of the development priorities of the government as articulated in the State Development Plan (SDP) and respective SectorImplementation Plans (SIPs);
  • Maintaining a favourable proportion of Capital to Recurrent expenditure (a target of 60%:40%);
  • Maintain a sustainable debt position in line with Federal Debt Management office(FDMO) criteria
  • Expand the revenue base of the state by exploring untapped sources
  • Improve economic growth through investment in physical infrastructure
  • Eliminating wastage and other unjustifiable expenditure that are not clearly linked to policy objectives; and
  • Continue interventions in the social sector that will enable the less privileged have opportunities to grow through targeted investments in education and healthcare.


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