The Department exists as one of the 5 Departments of the Commission. The Department is basically responsible for matters related to general administration, financial and human resources management. It provides support to all Departments and Units of the Commission in the discharge of their respective duties. The Department has the responsibility of overseeing the effective and efficient utilization of the Human, Physical and Financial Resources of the Commission. The Department is comprised of two divisions viz: Human Resource and General Administration with the Accounts as a Unit.


  • Advise and support the Management on General Administration.
  • Responsible for Recruitment/Appointment, Promotion, Discipline, Training and Transfer of Personnel.
  • Overseeing the Commission’s finances and advising the Management on prudent financial management.
  • Handle Employee Performance Management;
  • Registry Management.
  • Manage inventory and safe keeping of Assets including Stores;
  • Provision of Office Accommodation for Staff.
  • Ensure a clean and secure Office environment (Office maintenance);
  • Ensure availability of working materials (Stationary) and Equipment i.e. Photocopying Services, Computers and Computer consumables.
  • Transport Management.
  • Staff welfare.
  • Manpower development and Training.