Budget Department

Core function

  • Managing the State Government Budget preparation process.
    • Issuing Budget Call Circular and Guideline, including Revenue
    • Forecasts and apportionment of ceilings between MDAs.
    • Facilitate Budget Reviews.
    • Ensuring Budget match plans.
    • Serve as the secretariat of the State Estimate Committee.

  • Legal Framework
  • 121.(1) The Governor shall cause to be prepared and laid before the House of Assembly at any time before the commencement of each financial year estimates of the revenues and expenditures of the State for the next following financial year. (Authorisation of expenditure from Consolidated Revenue Fund)

  • Structure of government Budget
    1. Revenue
      • Internally Generated Revenue (IGR)
      • Statutory Allocation
      • Value Added Tax (VAT)
      • Loans
      • Grants
    2. Expenditure
      • Recurrent –Personnel Cost and Overhead Cost
      • Capital Expenditure - Programme /Projects, infrastructure or equipment


  • Writing of letters to Government House and MDAs
  • Issuance of releases for request approved by the Governor
  • Report Writing
  • Liaising with MDAs on budget issues and other related issues
  • Compilations of Contractual commitments of MDAs
  • Production of Implementation status on MDAs performance
  • Drafting of Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF)
  • Production of Budget Expenditure Profile
  • Gender and Social Inclusion issues
  • Computation of fringe benefits of Political Appointees
  • Production of Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) report
  • Analysis of Revenue and Debt status