The unit was created in 2016 to implement the FGN program of identification of the Poor and Vulnerable in communities and population of the State Single Register (SSR). By design of the whole program nationwide, SOCU is situated in the Planning and Budget Commission though staff are drawn from various MDAs within the Civil Service.


√ To Generate, Maintain and Update the State Single Register of Poor and Vulnerable Households necessary for planning.
√ Kaduna SOCU has a wider mandate by virtue of the fact that the State Focal Person (SFP) is the Commissioner Planning and Budget , the Unit doubles as the secretariat for the State Focal Person (SFP) on Social Investment Programs (SIPs); meaning the Unit links up with the other programmes primarily for reports and represent the SFP where necessary.


The National Social Investment Programs is a portfolio of Programs created in 2015 and launched in 2016 by the FGN to deliver socio-economic support to disadvantaged Nigerians across the Nation. In other words,NSIPs was created to overcome the failings of the past and to enshrine the values and vision of the current administration for graduating its citizens from poverty through capacity building, investment and direct support. The National Social Investment Office (NSIO) designed a holistic approach for delivering the Social Investment Portfolio by embarking on the following:

  • Sharing Resources and lessons learnt for Continuous Improvement
  • Central Coordination
  • Partnering with States and LGAs
  • Leveraging Existing Capacity within MDAs
  • Digital First


States are expected to form structures in order to efficiently coordinate and implement the programs. it is expected that each State Government appoints a State Focal Person who links up with each program to effectively brief His Excellency and the FGN on the happenings. The Kaduna State Focal Person is the State Coordinator, State Operations Coordinating Unit. Every state has its own arrangement on the coordination of the NSIPs .In Kaduna the arrangement is as follows:

  • Population of the State Single Register (SSR) coordinated by the State Operations Coordinating Unit domiciled in the Planning and Budget Commission. Process of identification uses the Community Based Targeting Process.
  • The Need for Power (N-Power) Program; Coordinated by SOCU and domiciled at Planning and Budget Commission, Kaduna. Enrolment is through on-line application.
  • National Home Grown School Feeding Program; Coordinated by Ministry of Education, Science & Technology (MOEST.) Program Manager in the Ministry of Education, Science & Technology Food vendors apply to the Ministry of Education, Science & Technology. Feeding is for Primary 1-3 Pupils.
  • Government Enterprise Empowerment Program (GEEP) Coordinated by Poultry Association of Nigeria, Kaduna State chapter, Yakubu Gowon Way. Enrolment is done through Cooperatives.
  • Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Coordinated by the State Cash Transfer Unit (SCTU domiciled at Ministry of Rural & Community Development). The SCTU use data from the SSR for intervention.

The Unit work closely with MDAs/LGAs in charge of each program or component to:
√ Monitor daily implementation of the program.
√ Prepare daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports on implementation of each program.
√ Manage information on beneficiaries of assigned program.
√ Responsible for data entry, quality assurance, management and protocol of beneficiaries of assigned program.
√ Tackle grievances of beneficiaries.